What are Gimbals and Why You must Get it now?

What are Gimbals and Why You must Get it now?

If you are a person who is passionate about Photography and video creation you must be aware of the device called as Gimbals, they are the Advanced camera holders which lets the users to make ultra stable professional videos even when you are moving or shaking. Gimbals can also perform actions like focus and zoom the camera through the buttons on them. In this Post we will explain you what is a Gimbal and Why you must get it Today.

Why You must Start Using gimbal today?

If you are thinking you have to invest an ample amount of money on a Gimbal than just investing on a simple tripod, Below are some of the reasons for anyone to invest in the Best gimbal.

  • Normal tripods are good for a Stable Video with the camera being at a stationary position, but when you want to capture moving shots, tripod is meaningless, and here comes the Gimbal into action. the balancing in Gimbal is done is such a way that you can move the handle in whatever manner you want but the footage will be crystal clear.
  • Gimbals have automatic object tracking technology, which lets you select the object you want to capture and the camera will move on itself in the direction of the object. This reduces the work of a photographer.
  • Gimbal can make the camera operations like zoom and Focus easy while the video is being recorded, Normally when you hold the camera in your hand these operations create a shake in the video, but when on Gimbal you dont need to worry about it.
  • You can connect most of the gimbals with your smartphone and operate the camera and gimbal through an app on your smartphone, this is an advanced feature that most gimbals are powered with.

Hope these 4 were enough reasons for anyone to consider buying a Gimbal, Now obviously the question you must be having on your mind is how to select a High quality Gimbal without being Scammed, now below are some tips to find the best gimbal for DSLR.

How to Select the best Gimbal?

Gimbals are not a Cheap product on which you can invest blindly, it costs a fortune so think before you are buying one for yourself. Following are some of the features to check before buying a gimbal, make sure to check these and if you have any further doubts you can ask us through the comments below.

  1. Axis of Gimbal: There are 2 types of Gimbals available in the market, one being 2-Axis gimbals and the other is 3 Axis Gimbals. If you are serious about investing in a good gimbal, always go for a 3-Axis Gimbals, these can stabilize your Tilt, Roll and Pan. making the Gimbal an all-round performer.
  2. battery backup: lookout for a gimbal that runs for more than 10 hours on a single charge. These gimbals are really worthy spending your money on, You don’t ever have to worry about the battery getting over in-between your shoot! that can be really annoying you know.
  3. The weight of Gimbal: The problem most of the Gimbal users face is when you hold the gimbal for long time, it can start hurting you in your hands because of the weight of gimbal and camera, So prefer a light weight device that you can handle for long time without any problem.
  4. Smartphone Compatibility: Check if the gimbal is compatable with your Smartphone, Most of the Gimbals are specific to the Smartphones they can connect to operate the Gimbal wirelessly, Some are made for iOS whereas Some are made for Android devices, So check if the app is compatible with your smartphone before buying.

Hope You now know what all to look for in a Gimbal before buying one for yourself. For more technological tips and tricks, keep visiting our Website regularly.

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